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The Alchemy of Performance Anxiety


With mental health increasingly in the spotlight, this book offers a new perspective on anxiety.


The focus of this book is on the application of psychological alchemical practice to address, explore and examine the nature and cause of anxiety in order to tackle and overcome it. It has never been more relevant to illustrate the reality that scientific, artistic and spiritual understanding, together with practical application, has the capacity to eliminate anxiety and gain personal control, liberation and fulfilment.



"Clare has written a must-read primer for anyone considering becoming a serious artist.
Full of scientific and theoretical knowledge, combined and condensed in a few pages to make the
process of understanding clear and easy despite the depth of the subject. This is a book you can read several times, discovering something new and important on each occasion." 

~Elena Lenzi

Founder & Director of Whispering Spaces

"As both a teacher and performer I have found real value in the practical and reflective methods outlined in this book. 

Highly recommend."

- Emily Gray

"This is an outstanding, inspiring and mind-expanding book. An absolute pleasure to read and very accessible. Truly transforming my understanding of   psychology and enlightening me academically, creatively and personally. A book I keep going back too, a must read for all."

- Sylvie Heath

Founder and Creator of Creative Heights


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