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  • Clare Hogan


Reincarnation is reassociation. When I die, my mental dissociation is released back into the mainstream of the One Mind of which it is (and always has been) a part. My internal experience expands into more life and rejoins the Whole.

I leave the world of Form which is a representation of Mind Consciousness.

Performance is the activity of the finite mind reflecting back onto itself so as to recognise that it is pure consciousness. Self-reflection is the nature of performance – the process of returning to Source.


We are each dissociative exhibits of the One Mind in which all experience appears, and out of which all experience is made.

When the body dies we will remember this – recognise our source – and rejoin it at the level od conscious awareness that was present at our physical death.

If we retain a need or desire for further sensory experience, then we will perpetuate that level of being thereby prolong an apparent world of form.

Reincarnation is really ‘reassociation’ – re-entering the flow of which we were a finite exhibit. ‘Incarnation’ is erroneous as a concept.

Carnate – flesh – meat. There is no body! We dream on, and continue to be dreamt, at another level which depends upon the conscious awareness that departed from our physical body. If further physical sensory experience is desired, another apparent body will be inhabited which will be as much of an avatar as the one that died. Knowing this is the end of suffering.

The experience of death is like waking from a dream. It is waking from a dream. Death is our great teacher if we allow it to be. By its very nature it can show us how to live, and how to be free from suffering. It is a continual process of gathering energy into a form and releasing it out into formlessness. Bringing this insight into our daily lives can be described as an art of living, making us aware that the cessation of form leads to more life. It’s like dead-heading a plant to produce more flowers.

Dying before you die, or the practice of dying is what this means; the understanding that nothing real can cease to be. It’s a transmutation of form into 1) more form or 2) no form. While we still identify with form, we suffer. The end of suffering is to cease this misidentification (dying before you die), in whatever lifetime we appear to be in.

If we struggle with the concept of death, we need more sensory experience until we realise that we are being dreamt and simultaneously dreaming. Then we are no longer bound to any particular realm (of which there are a great many). To be free is to realise that your life has never been and will never be about you. It is to understand that your mind is a process in and of the One Mind and doesn’t have an autonomous existence. It is a dissociative activity of One Mind which is operating through us. This is the ‘freedom of the slave’ – we are in service to something far greater which we do not and cannot understand.

Reincarnation can be said to happen to most of us several times a day – every time we identify with objects, things, matter, form, and cease to perceive the reality beyond it.

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